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Educational resources

The educational site provides numerous teaching and resource materials, regulatory documents for organizing the teaching process. They can be found both on the sites of the corresponding departments and on the intranet site for students. Besides, the students and teachers have a distant access to the bank of test assignments, including more than 400 tests for self-control, individual preparation and tests for official knowledge assessment in the academic process. As a result of implementation of the innovative project «Computer testing at BSMU» we have published «A Workbook of Tests for Students’ Self-Control» in all the subjects of the curriculum.

A combination of systemized teaching aids and educational resource materials in all the subjects contribute to successful learning and performance, enable the students to plan and carry on their individual work, distribute their time for studying different subjects efficiently, as well as enable the teaching stuff to brush up the methods of teaching.

The electronic version of the educational materials is available on the Intranet site for the University students.