Main University Education & study


Organization of teaching

Teaching at the University is provided at 73 departments (among them 29 theoretical and 44 clinical). The academic classes are organized at 70 teaching hospitals as well as research and practical centers.

Organization of learning activities

The academic process coordinated by the Academic and Methodology Board consisting of several departments and the Quality Management Sector is carried out at the corresponding faculties.

Academic process

Education at the University is practice oriented. On average, 70% of classes are either tutorials or practicals in labs. From the 2nd year onwards the academic process at the clinical departments is organized at the premises of the medical institutions of the Ministry of Health, which creates all the necessary facilities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the curriculum. From the 3rd year (or from the 2nd year for those majoring in dentistry) onwards the students undergo practical training, which is supervised by highly qualified specialists of the corresponding health care institutions.

Innovative educational technologies

The University actively implements innovative educational technologies meeting the Bologna process principles. All the University resources make up the educational portal which includes the BSMU official site and intra-net sites for teachers and students. Educational resources include a vast bank of full-text educational materials and visual aids, a considerable part of which has been created by the University teaching staff. The devised interactive E-textbooks help the students to get access to current educational literature, presentations of lectures, tests for self-training and self-control.

Educational resources

The educational site provides numerous teaching and resource materials, regulatory documents for organizing the teaching process. They can be found both on the sites of the corresponding departments and on the intranet site for students.

Teaching program documentation

Teaching program documentation for the 1st level of higher education