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Organization of learning activities

The academic process coordinated by the Academic and Methodology Board consisting of several departments and the Quality Management Sector is carried out at the corresponding faculties.

The students’ academic activities encompass in-class learning (lectures, seminar, tutorials, practicals in labs) and extracurricular independent work.

Учебная деятельность

The University pays much attention to the selection of students who are better prepared and highly motivated for the future profession. To help applicants make an informed choice regarding their future career and provide professional counseling and assistance in their preparation for entrance tests the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training with the preparatory department was opened in 2012.

High quality of pre-University training can be proved by the fact that up to 80% of the full-time students of the preparatory department are enrolled in different higher educational institutions every year. The students who enter Belarusian State Medical University study for 6 or 5 years to obtain higher medical education of the 1st level. After graduating from the University they are awarded the qualification of a doctor or pharmacist and the young specialists (interns) are assigned to their first place of employment at health care institutions.  A specific feature of higher medical education is compulsory internship after graduating from University to get a license for individual medical practice.