Main University International cooperation

Foreign partnership

Belarusian State Medical University is actively developing international cooperation with overseas partners. It annually signs from 10 to 15 agreements concerning academic and scientific cooperation with international research and educational institutions, is open to the establishment of new international relations and readily examines incoming proposals for collaboration.

Seminars, lectures, teleconferences

Thanks to a wide range of international relations the academic staff and researchers of BSMU traveled abroad to participate in symposia, conferences, congresses, conventions, seminars and workshops more than 800 times from 2007 to 2012.

The University also organizes international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, teleconferences and other events with the participation of colleagues from Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Belgium, Austria and other countries.

Training of overseas specialists

During the period from 1970 to 2012 about 2,000 international specialists from nearly 100 countries underwent training at BSMU. For many of them such training became the key to a successful career. Among BSMU distinguished alumni there are ministers, ambassadors, leading experts, heads of health departments and clinics, professors, associate professors, heads of departments at leading medical schools in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Canada and the USA.

For many years the University has been developing cooperation with partners from 24 countries, among which the most important contacts are with the educational institutions of Russia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Israel and Turkmenistan.
Academic mobility

Development of student mobility is mainly achieved due to the organization of student clinical practice at the premises of partner universities as well as through participation of students in scientific, cultural and sporting events abroad.

According to the agreements on academic cooperation and exchange about 20 BSMU students undergo outpatient and inpatient practice in Poland and Germany each year. In its turn, Belarusian State Medical University provides an opportunity for students from Japan and Poland to undergo practical training at the University clinical sites.

Honorary doctors and professors

The University has awarded Letters of Appreciation and «Honorary Doctor/Professor» titles to many international and Belarusian partners for their outstanding contribution to the development of medicine, medical science and education as well as health care of the Republic of Belarus and BSMU integration into the global system of higher medical education.

Association of BSMU international graduates

In order to expand humanitarian, educational, scientific and business contacts the Association of BSMU International Graduates maintains contacts with its members from Lebanon, Syria , India, Sri Lanka , Iran, Iraq , Greece, Cyprus , Israel, Cameroon, Morocco , Poland, Nigeria , Ecuador and other countries.

The University in international rankings systems

Participation in international rankings is one of the areas of the University strategic development that contributes to its effective incorporation into the international educational environment and allows us to integrate educational and research processes with international requirements, maintain standards and promote teaching excellence.

Department of international relations
it is engaged in the organization, technical assistance and methodological support of the international activities aimed at integrating the University into the European and international educational environments and obtaining more options for accelerated development and competitive advantages enhancing BSMU popularity and prestige on the international stage.