Main University International cooperation

International Cooperation

The international cooperation of the educational establishment “Belarusian State Medical University” is conducted in accordance with the university's working schedule, the work plan for the development of educational and medical services export of the university, agreements on academic and scientific cooperation with international partners and other standard regulations.

The university's mission in the sphere of international cooperation is the internationalization of higher and postgraduate medical education through integration into the international scientific and educational space.

Internationalization is one of the key factors which enables universities to compete in the global educational arena. The rapid development of information and communication technologies and distance learning contribute to the development of global education market, where universities are full-fledged players.

The main tasks of the Belarusian State Medical University in the context of internationalization:

  1. Improving university competitiveness in the global education market and increasing export diversification of educational services;
  2. Establishing and developing effective, mutually advantageous partnership with the leading educational, scientific and medical institutions of foreign countries; maintaining stable long-term business contacts with international partners;
  3. Adopting best international practices, including educational and scientific experience, technologies, teaching methods, etc.;
  4. Developing and implementing bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs in the field of education and science based on international cooperation agreements;
  5. Fostering international academic and student mobility;
  6. Improving educational services provided for international students in the Russian and English languages by adopting innovative teaching methods according to international higher educational standards such as USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination);
  7. Participation in the work of international educational and scientific organizations.

Effective international cooperation strategy is driven by development of effective, mutually advantageous partnership relations with the leading educational institutions, implementation of an effective export strategy, development of sustainable system of scientific and social partnership, improvement of the quality of educational services by adopting best international practices and experience.


Department of international relations
it is engaged in the organization, technical assistance and methodological support of the international activities aimed at integrating the University into the European and international educational environments and obtaining more options for accelerated development and competitive advantages enhancing BSMU popularity and prestige on the international stage.

International partnership

In order to internationalize higher and postgraduate education, Belarusian State Medical University strives to develop an effective system of international partnership comprising leading educational and scientific establishments from more than 25 countries around the world.

Masterclasses, workshops, lectures, videoconferences

One of the most important directions of Belarusian State Medical University international cooperation is improvement of the educational process by attracting leading world experts from partner universities, foreign scientific and practical centers and international organizations to conduct workshops, trainings, master classes, lecture courses on topical issues of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy for faculty staff, Master’s degree students, PhD students, clinical residents and students.

Foreign specialists training

An essential component of Belarusian State Medical University internationalization is foreign specialists training for practical healthcare of foreign countries. The University is included in the base of the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Educational services export plays a key role in the university international activities. More than two thousand foreign citizens from more than 50 countries of the world are engaged in all types of educational process. Since 1970, 3500 foreign specialists from more than 100 countries of the world have been trained at BSMU. For many of them studying at the university has become the key to a successful career.

Academic mobility

Academic mobility of higher education teaching staff and students is one of the key components of internationalization of higher education and university integration into international educational system.

Belarusian State Medical University is always open for cooperation with new partners: year by year the university expands the network of bilateral and multilateral agreements in the field of academic mobility.

Honorary doctors and professors

The title “Honorary Doctor/Professor” of Belarusian State Medical University is the mark of recognition of citizens’ of the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and foreign countries, achievements. The title “Honorary Doctor/Professor” is given to the citizens who contributed greatly to the development of medicine, medical science, education, humanistic ideas, public health of the Republic of Belarus, integration of Belarusian State Medical University into the world system of higher medical education.

Association of BSMU international graduates

Today, Belarusian State Medical University is the biggest educational and scientific centre that has authority with foreign universities. There are 8 faculties and an institute, more than 7.000 students, 2.000 of which are foreigners from over 50 countries around the world, more than 1.170 professors and tutors also work here.

The time spent at the university is a wonderful period which every graduate reminisces with love and warmth in the heart. So much has happened within that time...So, we are making a new step in developing the Association of Graduates. It is related to the re-positioning of the faculty, its students and graduates.

University in international rankings and organizations

International ranking position is one of the university's perfomance indicator. Achieving high rates in international educational rankings is one of the areas in strategic development of Belarusian State Medical University, that allows it to turn into an international educational environment and coordinate educational and research processes applying international rules and standards. The leading international rankings positions, activity in the international arena, recognition by the world leading universities and scientific organizations are a confirmation of the university's professionalism in the field of international cooperation, which in turn contributes to increasing the attractiveness among foreign citizens of obtaining higher medical education at Belarusian State Medical University and, accordingly, to an increase in the export of educational services.