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Master classes, seminars, lectures, teleconferences

Master classes, seminars and lectures on current medical issues conducted by international specialists for our academic staff, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and medical residents play a major role in the development of the University. Participation of foreign colleagues in joint diagnostic and therapeutic activities and sharing their expertise and experience with Belarusian specialists is also of vital importance for maintaining and refining teaching quality.

International colleagues from partner universities annually deliver more than 30 lectures at conferences with international participation organized by Belarusian State Medical University within the framework of the established scientific and academic cooperation programs.

Over the past ten years BSMU and the University of Western Ontario (Canada) have successfully conducted a number of joint seminars, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations, including counseling of the most complicated cases.

During the years of fruitful cooperation in the field of cardiology Canadian cardiologists performed various diagnostic and endovascular therapeutic manipulations in different health care institutions of the Republic of Belarus, providing advice to patients and conducting master classes. They performed more than 150 angioplasty procedures, including about 130 of them with stenting.

Together with Canadian colleagues we annually hold Republican scientific and practical conferences on the topical problems of modern cardiology with the analysis of international experience and the developments of Belarusian School of Cardiology.


It has become a tradition of BSMU to invite the Rector of the Medical University of Bialystok (Poland) Professor Jacek Niklinski for delivering lectures on modern approaches to the diagnosis, research and treatment of lung cancer for the student audience, as well as for providing the information about the Medical University of Bialystok with its Medical Research Center and their place in the system of higher medical education in Poland.

Together with the Universities of Nagasaki and Akita (Japan) joint scientific and practical conferences on the topical problems of medicine, health effects of the Chernobyl accident and treatment of radiation-induced diseases are regularly organized. With the assistance of the Japanese colleagues we also arrange teleconferences allowing us to intensify mutual cooperation and gain valuable experience.

Under the guidance of the International Forum of Hygiene (Germany) scientific seminars on the topical issues of hygiene, disinfection of drinking water, hygiene in health care facilities, fighting against hospital-acquired infection etc. are held for senior students, academic staff and researchers at the base of Belarusian State Medical University.

Bilateral cooperation with Karolinska Institute (Sweden) is successfully developing in different areas including organization of workshops and joint scientific conferences on colorectal cancer pathology, seminars on additional skills in science and professional ethics as well as the training of PhD students and young scholars.

One of the most promising areas of cooperation with Carmel College (Israel) is conducting seminars and training courses for students and the staff. A visit paid by Dr. Isaac Reuzman, a leading Israeli expert in the study and treatment of breast cancer, was a real event for Belarusian State Medical University. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of BSMU had a unique opportunity to attend a series of his lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of breast, thyroid, gall bladder and esophageal cancers using the latest techniques.

Carrying out joint projects, master classes, seminars, lectures and teleconferences with international partners plays an important role in the integration of the University into the international educational community.

Innovative technologies for collaboration

BSMU actively uses modern information technologies in organizing different events with international participation. Internet Conferences and video bridges held at the University allow the students to listen to the lectures by leading international experts and get acquainted with current achievements in medicine of such countries as Italy, Japan, Lithuania and Russia.

Traditional 'Moscow - Minsk - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok” teleconference is arranged by joint efforts of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, BSMU and the Medical Universities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

On-line seminars with video conferencing, demonstration of educational materials (presentations, documents, video and audio clips), case-studies, on-line tests and examination assignments and moderated online discussions involving internationally-renowned professors and leading home experts create new opportunities for distance learning and make such webinars an effective educational tool.

In case you are interested in cooperation using modern telecommunication methods, contact the Center of Information Technologies Development at or tel: +375 017 277-16-06.