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Academic Mobility

International academic mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as the academic staff of the University develops within the framework of intercollege contacts, joint educational programs and is regulated by the agreements on academic and scientific cooperation with international universities, health institutions and organizations.

The main objective is integration of the University into the international scientific and educational environment to improve the quality of research and be competitive on the educational market. This is achieved by visiting partner universities and organizations for:

Every year members of the University academic staff attend more than 100 congresses, conferences and seminars abroad, including those held within the framework of bilateral agreements on cooperation with international universities and organizations.

After signing the Agreement on Cooperation with the Medical University of Bialystok in 2004, the University staff participated in the following programs:

Totally, since 2004, about 350 people have participated in the program of academic and scientific exchange on both sides.

Annually the University researchers and academic staff members take part in the program of international cooperation with the neighboring and faraway countries.

Training and refresher courses for a number of BSMU employees are organized at the premises of partner Universities. For example, in cooperation with the Medical University of Bialystok four clinical training sessions for BSMU academic staff as well as courses on teaching overseas students in English were organized. In addition, two BSMU PhD students underwent research training at the departments of pathology and molecular biology of this University.


Academic mobility between BSMU and Kazakh National Medical University is based on inviting “visiting professors” from our University for delivering lectures, developing educational programs and conducting workshops. Academic mobility is also actively developing in the field of joint research and PhD projects.

Belarusian State Medical University cooperates with Karolinska Institute organizing joint training of young scientists according to a "sandwich model", when one part of research work is expected to be carried out at BSMU premises, and the other one – at Karolinska Institute.

Joint scientific and practical research in the field of applied medicine is conducted by the Department of Infectious Diseases of BSMU and the Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy of Smolensk State Medical Academy.

The Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, BSMU collaborates with the Department of Hospital Prosthetic Dentistry, Moscow State Medical and Dental University on mathematic modeling in dentistry.

Student academic mobility provides many opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students and young scientists to acquire research experience through participation in short-term educational or research programs.

BSMU students visit partner academic institutions to gain outpatient medical and clinical work experience, participate in summer schools, student conferences and training seminars.

The student exchange program with the Medical University of Bialystok is among the most rapidly developing ones. About 150 Belarusian and Polish students were involved in the summer clinical practice course on terms of mutual exchange.

Together with the Russian colleagues BSMU organized participation of students in scientific and practical conferences, competitions and brain-rings at partner universities.

Стоматологический Брейн-ринг Россия

Under the Agreement on cooperation between Moscow State Medical and Dental University and Belarusian State Medical University the academic mobility program is carried out in the form of participation of the academic staff in international scientific conferences. Annually dentistry students, residents and postgraduates participate in the Interuniversity Olympiad in Pediatric Dentistry and Intellectual Competition “Dental Brain-Ring". As a result of fruitful cooperation of our Department of Internal Diseases #3 and Saratov State Medical University a BSMU team participated in the International Olympiad "Therapy of the XXI century: UPGRADE» held in 2012.

The University also cooperates with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) which contributes to the advancement of knowledge, development of professional and scientific contacts between the Universities.