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The University in international rankings and organizations

BSMU seeks to strengthen its credibility and enhance the prestige of the University Diploma at the international level. Therefore, the University is actively involved in the establishment and development of cooperation with international organizations.

Currently, the University is represented in a number of leading international ranking systems and annually improves its position.

International ratings

Participation in international rankings is one of the areas in strategic development of the University that effectively allows it to turn into an international educational environment and coordinate educational and research processes applying international rules and standards.

The information about the University is available on the website of the «4International Colleges & Universities» International Higher Education Search System and Directory, analyzing accredited universities and colleges in the world.


According to the latest Webometrics the position of the University has risen more than twice from the 6049 to 2677 place for the period from 2011 to 2013.

Webometrics is the largest academic ranking system of higher education institutions, using the data calculated by the research team of Cybermetrics (National Research Council of Spain), analyzing the presence of universities in the Internet and publishing a list of universities. According to the developers the applied indicators allow them to create a fairly complete picture of the teaching and research values of the universities.

The method of calculation is as follows:
50% - external links;
16,6% - the number of pages on the site;
16,6% - the number of files in the format: pdf, doc + docx, ppt;
16,6% - the number of most cited research works published in international journals. The data is taken from Scimago (Scientific Assessment Resource, evaluating international universities and research institutions) for the period of 2003 to 2010.

The rating results are updated twice a year in January and July.

According to Webometrics, BSMU ranks sixth among Belarusian universities.

International organizations

Information about the University is available on the website of the World Health Organization, under Medical Schools and Faculties «Avicenna» Database Directory of Medical Schools. The aim of «Avicenna» Directory of Medical Schools is to provide relevant information on professional medical education institutions worldwide.

BSMU is collaborating with the WHO Regional Office in the Republic of Belarus and participates in the events organized under the auspices of WHO (internships, conferences), which results in the application of the acquired knowledge into medical practice and the educational process.

Since 1998 cooperation with the International Aachen - Neuss - Osnabruck Hygiene Forum has been actively developing. It is based on pursuing joint projects on the topical issues of the sanitary science, sanitary and epidemiological welfare in case of man-made disasters, including accidents at nuclear power plants, epidemics of influenza and other respiratory infections. Annually the University is attended by the visiting lecturers of the International Forum of Hygiene who conduct seminars, workshops and deliver lectures for the University students and staff.