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Nataliya Gurina

Nataliya Gurina

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Mission of the educational program in the specialty 1-79 01 08 'Pharmacy'

Among all modern occupations pharmaceutical profession is considered one of the most prestigious and promising. The growth of the world population, increased life expectancy, as well as improvement of people’s welfare lead to growing annual healthcare costs. A considerable part of these is spent on drugs, which are developed, tested, manufactured and dispensed by the people who have chosen the pharmaceutical profession.

The Pharmaceutical faculty was founded on September 1, 2011. Pharmaceutical education is unique as it combines the knowledge of chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical business and pharmacy organization, management and marketing, pharmaceutical services and production management, psychology and pedagogics, pharmaceutical ethics and deontology.

Pharmacology and pharmacotherapy are of great importance for future pharmacists because a pharmacist is the first and sometimes the only consultant who explains indications for administration and side effects of the drugs.

The course of study is 5 years. Currently 47 subjects are taught at 22 departments of the University, elective courses are provided as well.

The first two years of studies are devoted to social sciences, general professional disciplines. These studies help to form the basis of theoretical knowledge. In the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years the students acquire theoretical and practical skills.

Propaedeutic practice begins in the 1st year, the students get acquainted with all branches of pharmacy and acquire skills necessary for their future profession. In summer the students have practical training in botany and pharmacognosy, they get acquainted with growing, harvesting and drying medicinal plants.

In the 3rd year students undergo training at pharmacies where future pharmacists have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. Today there are more than 350,000 different drugs, each drug should meet the main requirements: to be safe, effective and accessible, and the pharmacist should be competent in this variable, complex, and important world of drugs.

Starting with the 1st year the students have the opportunity to attend the students scientific society, participate in conferences, the best scientific studies are presented at the national competition of students’ research works.

The University provides facilities for social and sports activities and encourages the students to get involved in the cultural life giving lots of opportunities for all talents and abilities.

At the end of the 5th year the students take state exams or if they wish, write a dissertation, after that they are awarded the qualification of «pharmacist» and get a diploma.

Thus, studying at our faculty the students acquire a popular, well-paid and demanded specialty. A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy knows everything about the drugs: synthesis, development, pharmacological activity, storage and quality control.

Despite an overall drop in the labor market during the crisis, every year a 9-10% growth in the production of drugs is observed. It exceeded 825 billion dollars in 2010. The need for pharmaceutical specialists is almost 50% higher than the demand for other professions.