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Filipovich Alena

Filipovich Alena

Address: Dzerzhinsky Ave, 83, Minsk, 220116
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Mission of the educational program in the specialty 1-79 01 02 'Pediatrics'

Founded in 1964, the Faculty of Pediatrics carries out medical activities in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood diseases.

Practical classes and lectures in medical subjects are held in large children's hospitals under the guidance of experienced teachers. The organization of the faculty contributed both to training skilled personnel and to the development of the clinical base. In 1966 when Children's Hospital #2 was opened, the  teaching of propaedeutics of childhood diseases was started.

Осмотр новорожденного ребенка

During the first two years the students study basic subjects: General and Bioorganic Chemistry, Biology, Histology and Normal Anatomy along with social sciences and humanities.

Over 1,200 students are trained at the faculty, who study more than 70 subjects within six years.

In the third year particular attention is paid to propedeutics of childhood diseases, where students begin to acquire clinical thinking skills as well as to subjects that study the human body changes in diseases at the molecular and physiological level.

In senior years teaching combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills acquired at the clinical sites. In the 4-6th years students are trained in clinics, maternity hospitals and specialized medical centers. Lectures and practical classes are delivered by the leading experts in their subject areas. Great attention is paid to practical skills acquisition. From the fourth year onwards, having undergone nursing practical training, students can work in health care institutions as paramedical workers. The 6th year students have their clinical studies in Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation.

From the first year students can attend student scientific societies at theoretical and clinical departments. Childhood nephrology and pulmonology schools are functioning at the Departments of Childhood Diseases # 1and 2.

Problems of sepsis, congenital anomalies of the newborn, as well as topical issues connected with genetics and early detection of pathological conditions of children and adolescents are studied and tackled at the Departments of Pediatric Surgery and Pathological Anatomy. The students make presentations at student scientific conferences.

The University provides facilities for sport and social activities. Depending on their interests the students can go in for different kinds of sport: athletics, table tennis, aerobics, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and weight lifting; they can take part in amateur performances of the ballroom dance studio «Elegance», the vocal group «Kantara», the international chorus «Dominant» or the student pop group «Biolakt». The University administration provides comfortable hostel accommodation to nonresident students.

After passing the state examinations the students are awarded the qualification «pediatrician» and are assigned to work as ambulance doctors, anesthetists, district doctors, pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, neurologists, radiologists, orthopaedists and traumatologists. In the future, doctors have the right to undergo refresher courses and get another specialty.