I have finished my MBBS in 2016. i am looking for PG course in Surgery. could you help me with course details, fee structure and process for admission.


Wednesday, 13 February 2019 in 11:25:07


The Department of International Relations

Dear Dr. Roopa, all the information about postgraduate education you can find on our website at the section «Postgraduate training». We have Clinical Residency, Master`s Degree Program and PhD Degree Program. The training is provided only in Russian language. We inform you, that knowledge of the Russian language is required for admission to the postgraduate training and all your documents must be translated into the Russian language and notarized! We have such specialty as«Surgery» at our university, at the Master`s Degree Program. We inform you, that training at the Master`s Degree Program is provided only in Russian language and all your documents must be translated into the Russian language and notarized! The term of study at the Master’s Degree Program is 1-2 years. The cost of training at the Master`s Degree Program is 4 600 USD (per year) – therapeutic specialties; 4 800 USD (per year) – dental specialtiesIn more detail for getting information about admission rules to the Master`s Degree Program you can find on our website at the section «Postgraduate training». Follow, please, this link: http://eng.bsmu.by/page/5/164/ - Regulations for Admission of Foreign Citizens to Master`s Degree Program

Friday, 15 March 2019 in 14:07:35

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