Shim Ga Yeon

My question is:

01. Based on the translation or interpretation of the reply mail. 'After sending documents and obtaining permission from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, you can enter the BSMU without taking the entrance exam.' Could I know about it's exact meaning. Make I sure my translation is correc?

02. It seems that the documents should not be sent by Mail or e-mail. I would like to know if it is ok to send BSMU admissions documents by EMS.

03. Apostasy application is completed and the seal is complete. If I can send EMS documents, I would like to confirm that it is correct to send it to the following address.

Belarusian State Medical University
Dzerzhinski Ave., 83, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220116
Tel: +375 17 277-12-01. Fax: +375 17 277-12-02

04. If there are any missing documents, how can I send the missing documents again at that right admission permitted time? The Republic of Korea is a country that replaces the birth certificate with a family relationship certificate and basic certificate. The rest of the documents are ready, especially the health check-ups with no AIDS and healthy condition. Would I send my addition documents if there deliverd documents maybe missed.

05. If I apply for the university entrance examination in Korea, I will pay the fee for applying for admission, the method of bank transfer, etc. Is there a fee for accepting applications for BSMU? If I need to pay for the application fee, by when should I pay from my bank account to BSMU account? And would I know to this : The number of the official university account number is.

Thank you.

ps. If Belarusian State Medical University Admission Munistry want to make an international call or text message, I can contact call directly at the BSMU admissions office at BSMU's convenience. If BSMU wants, please contact my cell phone number here. 82-10-2509-9587. Thank you again.

Shim GaYeon.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 in 15:52:11


The Department of International Relations

Dear Shim Ga Yeon, you can try to apply for the 1-st course of the Medical Faculty for foreign students or to the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) now in July. The training can be provided in English, from the 1-st to the 5-st course in Stomatology and in Pharmacy and from the 1-st to the 6-st course in General Medicine. The training on the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) can be provided in Russian and in English language. Foreign citizens who have arrived for study are interviewed on the subjects of entrance tests: Russian (or English, if you wish to study in English), Chemistry and Biology. It is important to note, that all your documents must be translated into the Russian language and be notarized! Also we inform you, that you or somebody else must submit the originals of your documents to the Dean's office of the Medical Faculty for Foreign Students or to the Dean's office of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) in person. Additional information about admission rules according to all documents and requirements you can find on our website at the section «Admission rules». Follow, please, these links: - Rules for admission to the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department); - Tuition Fee

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 in 16:56:12

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