Dear Sir or Madam,

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in Australia (citizen) but would like to study Dentistry in one of Eastern European countries such as Belarus or Ukraine. Would you please email me details of a Bachelor of Dentistry such as admission process, student accommodation and scholarship availability for an international student.

I am also wondering if I can have some credit from my previous study so I don't have to repeat the same units.

In terms of language, do I need to learn and speak Belarusian language fluently to pass all the exams.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Sunday, 30 June 2019 in 16:57:24


The Department of International Relations

Dear Justin, in the Educational System of the Republic of Belarus there is no such degree as Bachelor. After the end of training students are awarded the qualification of Physician (Medical Doctor). The graduates are awarded diplomas of an international standard, one page of which is made in English with the title «MD» - Medical Doctor. You can try to apply for the 1-st course of the Medical Faculty for foreign students or to the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) now in July. The training can be provided in English, from the 1-st to the 5-st course in Stomatology and in Pharmacy and from the 1-st to the 6-st course in General Medicine. The training on the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) can be provided in Russian and in English language. Foreign citizens who have arrived for study are interviewed on the subjects of entrance tests: Russian (or English, if you wish to study in English), Chemistry and Biology. It is important to note, that all your documents must be translated into the Russian language and be notarized! Also we inform you, that you or somebody else must submit the originals of your documents to the Dean's office of the Medical Faculty for Foreign Students or to the Dean's office of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department) in person. Our university doesn`t provide scholarships for foreign students. The training is provided on a fee-paid basis. Additional information about admission rules according to all documents and requirements you can find on our website at the section «Admission rules». Follow, please, these links:http://eng.bsmu.by/page/4/1444/http://eng.bsmu.by/page/4/1458/https://eng.bsmu.by/page/4/39/ - Rules for admission to the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-university Training (Preparatory Department); https://eng.bsmu.by/page/4/25/ - Tuition Fee

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 in 16:57:09

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