Youssef ashraf

I want to join medical faculty in English programs. I am Egyptian. So I want to know if I can transfer to another country like romania or Bulgaria from 2nd year or not ? And after graduation from ur university I can apply for post graduation speciality in UK
much appreciated

Thursday, 8 August 2019 in 16:33:51


The Department of International Relations

Dear Youssef Ashraf, the information about transfer and reinstatement of students you can find on our website at the section «For students». Follow, please, this link: - Transfer and reinstatement of students

The graduates are awarded Internationally Recognized Diplomas.The graduates are awarded diplomas of an international standard, one page of which is made in English with the title «MD» - Medical Doctor. This diploma is recognized at the number of countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, etc. But be advised that after graduation you will have to confirm your qualification at your home country according to the procedures, approved at your home country. As for a transfer to other country, we don’t know such information.

Monday, 12 August 2019 in 09:30:58

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