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Belarusian State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University as a leading higher medical educational institution in the Republic of Belarus has deserved international prestige and recognition for the quality of its teaching and research. Its history dates back to 1921, when a Medical Faculty was created on the basis of Belarusian State University. In 1930 the Faculty was reorganized into Minsk Medical Institute.

Currently, the teaching process is organized at 8 Faculties, including:

In 1960 the Dental Faculty was opened. The Pediatric Faculty and the Faculty of Preventive Medicine were set up in 1964. The Medical Faculty for International Students started its activity in 1967. The Faculty of Military Medicine was organized in 1995. In 2010 the Pharmaceutical Faculty welcomed its first students. The Faculty of Career Guidance and Prevocational Training was founded in 2012.

In 1971 for the achievements in training highly qualified medical specialists and for its contribution to the development of health care and medical science Minsk State Medical Institute received one of the highest national awards - the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

In 2001 Minsk State Medical Institute was renamed into the state higher educational institution 'Belarusian State Medical University' (BSMU). Since 2001 BSMU has a status of a leading higher medical education provider in the Republic of Belarus.

The University is committed to the advancement of knowledge, ensuring high quality teaching and learning experience, developing creative thinking and skills of analysis to meet the challenges of a changing society and produce better informed and more intellectually flexible graduates well equipped for employment in the 21st century. To be taken to the frontiers of knowledge and to consider the very latest developments and findings is an excellent experience for students. The University is always taking significant steps for improving existing facilities and creating new ones.

Our academic staff made up of first-class specialists with new perspectives and expertise will be keen to share their knowledge and insights and to explore their subject with you. It includes more than 880 educators, of whom more than 64% have a scientific degree including 3 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Science, 12 laureates of the State Awards, 16 honored scientists, physicians and other health care professionals of the Republic of Belarus. More than 350 employees of the clinical departments have a higher medical category. Our emphasis is on a research-informed curriculum and we use a variety of methods to support student-centered learning.

International cooperation in science and education is one of the priorities of the University. BSMU is an Associate Member of the International Association of University Alumni, the International Association of Higher Medical Education Graduates, the Association of Medical Schools of Europe (AMSE); it works in collaboration with WHO, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), participates in numerous international research programs and projects (TEMPUS, TASIS and others).

More than 800 educators and researchers are engaged in scientific work.

7046 students, 68 PhD students and 286 clinical residents (including 808 international students and 74 overseas medical residents) study at 72 departments of the University.

BSMU has excellent research facilities encompassing the Central Research Laboratory that has been functioning since 1954. In 2012 it was reorganized into a Research Division with 6 research laboratories and 8 scientific groups with the total number of about 100 researchers and technical specialists. In terms of research volume and scope, the level of material and technical equipment and personnel involvement the Research Division is comparable with the entire health care research institute. Along with the individual tasks within government programs, the University staff carries out innovative projects and programs funded by the Belarusian Foundation for Fundamental Research. For many years BSMU has been the only educational institution of the Republic of Belarus as the main organization pursuing two state scientific and technical programs.

The University successfully accomplishes training of highly qualified scientific personnel. On average the academic staff members and postgraduate students of the University defend 3 doctoral and 30 PhD theses annually.

Currently, Belarusian State Medical University actively introduces modern computing facilities and effective educational technologies, constantly improving standard and special software thus providing and developing information support of the educational process. The University offers a wide selection of computer educational software, access to a large variety of information sources in electronic form including medical web sites.

The Association of Belarusian State Medical University Graduates was founded within the framework of the International Association of University Alumni.